Views and articles by Lord Sudeley who co-founded the Forum for Stable Currencies when he was still a member of the House of Lords.

The Sudeley Bankruptcy and its Contemporary Significance was his leading article at the time.

The Wikipedia entry that published the photo is here.

Three illustrations in the header image show the new Toddington, personally designed by the 1st Lord Sudeley, afterwards Chairman of the Commission for the Rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament.

The two buildings are very similar, the same blend of Perpendicual Gothic and Picturesque Styles.

At Toddington there is an asymmetrical ground plan of the three blocks of accommodation for the family, servants’ quarters, and stables for the horses, diagonally disposed so that the masses of which the whole edifice is composed shift and interchange according to the angle from which the solitary constant of the Great Tower is approached.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Charles BARR said:

    Dear Lord Sudeley – or Merlin, if I may

    We were near-contemporaries, many decades ago, at Orwell Park – you being a bit older. I taught for a few years at Eton after your time, and my son was at Oxford, long after your time… so there is a certain link.

    I have stayed in touch very occasionally with OP, aka Liac Park, mainly through Pat O’Donnell, a wonderfully civilised presence. He died sadly young, but a junior Orwell/Oxford man, Robin Giibert, brought out a beautiful collection of his poems many decades later – have you seen them? – I know that a copy could be sent. with pleasure, An observatory poem is a major and very moving highlight. For me, as for you and as for Pat, the observatory was an absolute highlight of the ambivalent Orwell experience.

    I will wait to see whether this reaches you and, if it does, whether you will feel like replying! But I hope very much that you will. In my advancing years, I welcome any such links to the past.

    with warm wishes

    Charles Barr

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